Onquas operates Monday to Friday 9:30am to 7:00pm except following International/National holidays. In case of urgent matters during our non-working days, please email us at info@onquas.com and we will try to deal with it as soon as possible.


Day Date Occasions
Saturday 1st January, 2022 New Year
Friday 18th March, 2022 Dol Yatra
Friday 15th April, 2022 Good Friday
Tuesday 3rd May, 2022 ID UL Fitr
Monday 15th August, 2022 Independence Day
Monday 3rd October, 2022 Durga Maha Astami
Tuesday 4th October, 2022 Durga Maha Nabami
Monday 22/12/2014 Christmas Holiday
Monday 24th October, 2022 Kali Puja/Diwali
Sunday 25th December, 2022 Christmas Day
Monday 26th December, 2022 Christmas
Tuesday 27th December, 2022 Christmas
Wednesday 28th December, 2022 Chritmas
Thursday 29th December, 2022 Christmas
Friday 30th December, 2022 Christmas